Friday, June 12, 2009

Last Day

   I had a fun last day of school but it was very sad.It was my last day of 5th grade and my teacher is retirering.It is very sad she was my favorite teacher ever she was also my brother's teacher too.On the last day we got awards then we watched a slide show and sighned autoghraphs it was very fun i got every kids in the class except for two because they were sick. After that we had a snack potluck were everyone brings there favorite snack and most of it was junk food. Every one ate a lot of stuff.After school me and my mom and my two brothers went to Abby's pizza for lunch but i only ate one slice because i was so full of all the junk i ate.I am really sad that 5th grade is over and i am really going to miss Mrs.Bailey my teacher.But luckily most of my friends are going to the ridges so i will see them next year.I cant wait for 6th grade it will be so much fun!