Saturday, May 22, 2010

My Birthday & Stuff

It has been a very long tim since i have written on here but i was bored and i remembered that i have a blog and i decided i should post something. I saw my posted something back in January. Last Wednesday was my birthday of course my mom made me go to school i really didn't want to though! It was nice though because at my school Timber Ridge every other Wednesday we have a early release so i got to go home two hours early. When i got home my family and I went out for an early dinner. Then me and my mom went and got a cake from Cold Stone. When we got home I opened presents and i got a tetherball kit, 2 DS games and a charger because i lost mine! I also got 2 webkinz( i now have 10 now!) And i also got the movie Princess and the Frog! Earlier that day at school my dad sent me flowers to the office which i got at the end of the day so i also got those to. It was a fun birthday and i will have a friend birthday next weekend. It is exciting i am now 12 and my mom will finally let me sit in the front seat of the car!!!!!


Thursday, January 28, 2010

Two Years Later...

Wow, I sat down and looked at this blog today and it has been so long since anything has been written. Yes, that is a good sign. It has been two years since Allison first became ill. So hard to believe that so much time has gone by. Allison is doing wonderfully. She is completely off all medications!!!!! Huge Praise. We do not have any doctor's appointments scheduled for the future. If the need arises we can then contact Dr. Kingsbury for assistance. Allison is now leading the normal life of an eleven year old girl. Something for which we are very thankful.

There are times when we think the arthritis may be rearing its ugly head, but nothing big as of yet. She occasionally will have pains in her legs and aches here and there. We monitor her and give Aleve and so far that has worked for her. She just got over strep throat and I was concerned that might send her immune system into overdrive. A few days later she complained of tingling and a numb feeling in her legs. Fortunately it didn't last. So.... we wait and see, and monitor her. There is a chance sometime this disease could enter Allison's life again. Our doctor thinks more than likely it will not present itself with rashes and fevers but with joint issues. There is also the strong possibility the Systemic JRA has just burned itself out in Allison and she will never have to deal with it again.

Incase someone checks in I just thought it would be good to give an update and let everyone know that Allison is doing great.

If you are someone who found this through a search and need some support because you are dealing with similiar issues, please contact us. There is great support out there and available.

John & Leslie Bradner