Saturday, May 22, 2010

My Birthday & Stuff

It has been a very long tim since i have written on here but i was bored and i remembered that i have a blog and i decided i should post something. I saw my posted something back in January. Last Wednesday was my birthday of course my mom made me go to school i really didn't want to though! It was nice though because at my school Timber Ridge every other Wednesday we have a early release so i got to go home two hours early. When i got home my family and I went out for an early dinner. Then me and my mom went and got a cake from Cold Stone. When we got home I opened presents and i got a tetherball kit, 2 DS games and a charger because i lost mine! I also got 2 webkinz( i now have 10 now!) And i also got the movie Princess and the Frog! Earlier that day at school my dad sent me flowers to the office which i got at the end of the day so i also got those to. It was a fun birthday and i will have a friend birthday next weekend. It is exciting i am now 12 and my mom will finally let me sit in the front seat of the car!!!!!


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