Friday, November 7, 2008

Off the Prednisone!!!!!!!

Three cheers for Allison!!!! As of Wednesday of this week she is no longer taking prednisone.  She is completely weaned off and no break through symptoms, flares or side effects.  We feel so blessed and that through everyone's prayers and good thoughts she is being healed.  We go to our local doctor for blood work December 16th and then on December 23rd we will go to Dr. Kingsbury, her pediatric rheumatologist in Portland.  Looking forward to those appointments.  

Allison will continue to take a vitamin and folic acid daily.  ( Folic acid helps prevent mouth sores that Methotrexate causes)  On Fridays she will continue to take the Methotrexate and she has anti nausea medication she can take if needed since the Methotrexate some times upsets her stomach.  

We are keeping the hope strong and alive that Allison will be blessed and be one of the kids with Systemic JRA that out grow it in a year.  I think back to some of the dark days when Allison was so sick and I just didn't think we could get to the point where she would be doing so well, I always had hope, but never that she would get there so quickly.  When your child gets the rarest form of a disease it just doesn't seem like you could be lucky enough to have it go away so quickly ( relatively.)  God is good.  

Allison wants to post Halloween and some fall activity pictures.  Since we have a 4 day weekend because of Veterans Day she will have a chance to post.  

One more thing, please keep John's Mom in your thoughts and prayers.  She has been in the hospital in Portland since Monday.  She is in late stages of Alzheimer's and she and the family could use your prayers for peace, calmness and wisdom.  

Thanks so much!!!



Kristi Erickson said...

Hey Allison!!! I'm SO GLAD you're off the Prednisone!!!!! PRAISE GOD!!!! I'm continuing to pray for your Grandmother and your family!!!!

Anonymous said...

Allison & Family,

That has got to be the 'bestest' news ever! Allison IS doing so well, on a daily basis, as her classmates have noted as well! We're all so grateful.

Thinking of all of you and other family members who have enormous struggles to cope with as well.

xo, Mrs. Bailey

Anonymous said...

Wow how exciting is this!!! Something we have all hoped and prayed for. We're keeping good thought for John's mom!!


Family O'Foxes said...

hi! I came across your blog from another blog.

We have a daughter who has JRA (poly). She has had this disease for 10 years.

She was being weaned off the MTX but started going down hill. So, Dr. Borzy is increasing the meds. I might have to find out about that anti-nausea meds you were mentioning because her stomach hurts.