Friday, November 14, 2008


Prednisone: Allison has been off pred. for over a week and is doing great.  We bought the Wii Fit and we are all loving being active and competitive with it.  Allison complained this morning that her ankles hurt. ( Oh No!!) She had been doing the step aerobics on the Wii for quite awhile last night.  Got my Mommy Radar up and alert.  By tonight all is good and no ankle complaints.  Just plain ole' over usage of her ankles.  I love it!!!!!!!!!!  

Grandma Bradner:  She is back at the care facility that she has been living in for almost 2 years.  On Sunday we were told she would only live a day or two.  We took our trailer up and were there to help out and be close.  Tuesday night we came home so the kids could go to school expecting at any time to get a call that she had passed on.  No call.  She is still holding on.  Nurses keep telling us all a couple days.  We are patient and trying to make the most of the days she has left with us.  She is a sleep all the time at this point.  God will take her when He is ready.  We appreciate all your prayers and thoughts during this time for our family.  

John:  When we got home on Tuesday he wasn't feeling well.  He went to work a little late on Wednesday and by the time he came home that night he was running a fever, miserable and looked even worse.  He has felt just horrible since.  Tonight he is eating more and seems a little better, not good or well but, a slight improvement.  We are thankful that his mom is holding on for a few more days so that he can heal and feel better.  

Mitch:  Hockey is going strong and Mitch is doing great this year.  His team is undefeated at this point (played 4 games so far.)  He is still playing in the High School league in Portland. So, we make many trips to Portland these days.  Luckily gas prices are continuing to drop.  Whew!!
If you caught KATU (channel 2 locally) focus on West Albany tonight in their Sports Blitz you may have been able to catch a glimpse of Mitch playing in the band.  Go Bulldogs!!

Allison:  Her class had a rice luncheon today.  They only served rice.  People could come and have a bowl of rice and make a donation and then next week the 5th grade classes will go shopping to purchase food for a homeless shelter.  Her teacher has done this for many years (Mrs. Bailey had Mitch in 5th grade too!)  and it is such a great learning experience for the kids.  
Jacob:   Is our designated family comedian as always and keeps all situations filled with humor and light heartedness.  He is very into James "Blonde" (Bond) movies right now.  Anything big brother and sister like he loves.  :)   He is enjoying the Wii Fit very much and wants to race everyone in the family in the jogging.  
***(Oh, special thanks once again to our AFD family for the Wii.  The kids (ok, and John and I) do love it and it is even better with the addition of the Wii Fit.  Work off a few of those extra pounds that we have put on. )

The Bradners


Jacob's Mom said...

Shh don't tell, my boys are getting a WII for Christmas! I have to get the WII FIt too!

Anonymous said...

YOur secret is safe with me. You definitely need to get the Wii Fit too. It is so much fun. You will love it too!!! If you can get them off long enough for you to use it. :)


Kristi Erickson said...

I'm SO GLAD the kids are doing well!!!! PRAISE GOD!!!! I'm REALLY SORRY to hear about John's mom!!!!! THANK GOD she is HOME at last!!!!!