Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Going off Medication??

Allison had her pediatric rheumatologist appointment yesterday ( Tuesday) in Portland.  Dr. Kingsbury checked her all out and thought she looked great.  So, where do we go from here?  After much discussion we came to the decision to take Allison completely off the Methotrexate.  This will allow us to see if the remission she is having is a drug induced remission or a "true remission."  We could continue to slowly wean but Dr. K. feels it would be better for us to try and know for certain how her body is going to react without medication.  It could take 3-6 months before we would see any issues if she was going to have any.  He seems to feel it is most likely that she will be fine and but there are no certainties.  

If she did begin to have symptoms (fever, rash, inflamed joints) we would then put her back on medication to get her immune system back under control.  This is a hard decision because Allison is doing so well and we hate to mess with that but we do not want her having to take medication if she doesn't need to be taking it.  On the way home from Portland, John and I  talked more and we are going to do some more talking, praying and research before we discontinue her meds. on Friday.  

While in Portland we visited some friends whose daughter (Courtney) was burned terribly in an accident over the weekend.  Please keep this family in your thoughts and prayers as she will be in the hospital in Portland for possibly a few months.  Her dad works with John at the fire department. It never fails to amaze me how lucky we are to be associated with The Albany Fire Department.  The people who work there are quick to rally around each other in times of crisis and need and once again have stepped up for this family.   It is a hard thing to understand unless you are a part of it.  Makes me proud and thankful to be part of this fire department family.  

Have a great day and hug your kids a little closer today.


*** Almost forgot, Allison's blood work was excellent.  No issues at all. Whew!!!


Lauri said...

This is GREAT news! PTL!! I am praying for your family and the decision of taking Allison completely off the meds.
Thank you so much for your faithful updates.

God bless,

Florence said...

Aloha Allison!
Larry and I want to tell you that we are so excited for your progress in your JRA journey! We pray that you are in true remission and that if you choose to go off the medication that we'll all find out that you will continue to feel great!
Love, The Allen's

Anonymous said...

Exciting and scary...I know you will make the right decision for Allison. Whew this parenting job is hard!! It is so wonderful that Allison is doing so well!!