Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Blood Test Results

Last Thursday I went to the drs. office and got a blood test. They said that I need to come in at least every other month to get one. Today we got back the results for my blood test. They were really good. It said that my blood was doing really good. So I might end up growing out of JRA and not having to take medicine that you have to have shots with. That makes me really happy because I really do not want to have medicine that you have to have shots for, and I really would like it if I grew out of JRA. 50% of kids with Systemic JRA grow out of it. I hope that I'm lucky enough to be one of those kids! My mom will include my blood test results later.

This week me and Jacob have been doing Vacation Bible School at our church. It has been really fun! I am in the blue group and Jacob is in the yellow group. Today Jacob brought two friends. They were Mitch and his friend Grady.

I have been riding my bike so many times each day. I probably ride it two hours each day or maybe more. I think that riding my bike is lots of fun. I probably will keep doing it every day for a long time.

That's about it. Thanks for checking in.


**Key Blood Test Results**
Sed Rate (ESR) 0 (normal 0 to 20) Last blood test on June 11 this was 91.
C-Reactive Protein (CRP) 1 (normal 0 to 4.9) Last blood test this was 125.2.
White Blood Cells (WBC) 9.0 (normal 4.0 to 13.5) Last test this was high.


Leanna said...

Oh my heck ... looks like these results are awesome! That is so cool and I am so happy for you Allison! I will pray that you are able to outgrow this. Love ya Babe! xo, Leanna

Anonymous said...


That is so exciting that your blood tests came out so good. We are going to keep praying that you are going to grow out of JRA!!! Are you ready for school to start?Sounds like riding your bike is lots of fun and I'm glad you enjoy that!!

Lauri said...

Great results Allison! Keep it up! You have a great attitude! Was good to see you a VBS!
God bless,