Monday, August 11, 2008

Keeping our Fingers Crossed

We are keeping our fingers crossed that all is going to continue to go well for Allison. She went in on Thursday to see our local doctor and to have blood work done. We should hear tomorrow (tuesday) the results of the tests. We are anxious to see what those tests will show us on how she is doing with her blood counts. We will be sure to post results to let you know.

Sunday afternoon Allison started not feeling so well. She felt pretty sick to her stomach so we ended up giving her an anti-nausea medication and after sleeping for awhile started feeling better. We are thinking the methotrexate she takes on Friday night must have effected her this week. It hasn't caused her any issues the previous two weeks, so we were a little surprised that it made her feel poorly this week.

Monday morning Allison woke up and complained that her neck was stiff and hurting. Instantly she got my attention. She went ahead and took her normal meds. but I am watching her carefully today. This afternoon it is still bothering her but she said it seems to be improving. I am hoping and praying it is just a kink in the neck from sleeping wrong, but since we dropped her down to 14 mg. of prednisone on Friday I am on alert watching for break through symptoms. So, our plan is to watch her and see if we see anything else develops tonight or tomorrow. If it continues or additional symptoms arise we can up her pred. dose again.

Your prayers for Allison's continued progress in tapering off the prednisone are greatly appreciated.

Leslie "The Mom"

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