Wednesday, August 20, 2008

McKenzie River Rafting Trip

Last Saturday we had a girls day out adventure.  We went with Kenzie, Mayzie and Kristi Smith, and Kristi's mom, Nancy rafting on the McKenzie River.  It was a steaming hot day (100 degrees) and a perfect day to be on the river.  Kristi's mom's church in Eugene sponsored the event.  We had so much fun.  Everyone on the river carries water guns so for a good share of the day we spent having water fights with other boats.  We were ambushed by  river pirates on several occasions and managed to fend them off with our water guns.  Kenzie was our fighter and on a couple of occasions all of us in the boat would be holding up peace signs so other boats wouldn't fire on us  and she would begin squirting them with water and the fight would be on.  Because of the heat it was very enjoyable getting wet and the hot air quickly dried us out.  Allison, Kenzie and Mayzie took turns "riding the bull." Which means riding on the front of the raft with your legs hanging off while going through rapids and trying not to fall off. Our guide was wonderful and full of stories and fun.  Kenzie pushed him off once for spraying her mom ( a little protective I think) and then he just abandoned us another time.  Oh, and I did push Kenzie off one time when she wouldn't quit instigating fights with other boats.  Cooled her off a bit.  :)

We ended the day soaking wet, tired and happy after having a fun filled day.  To top the day off we made a quick stop for chocolate at See's Candy and had dinner out.  We may have to make this an annual event.  But I am thinking the boys may want in on some of the water fights and pirate action next year.  Ahoy Ye' Maties!!!! 


Jan said...

I am amazed to find a JRA blog from a child in Oregon. My son who just turned 14 lives in Oregon too and has been diagnosed in the past month. It has been 4 months of complete anxiety for me and watching him suffer. We are having a difficult time even getting in with Dr. Borzy in Portland and working with an adult specialist at this time. After only 3 single 5 mg. predisone pills there has been an immediate response for him, swollen ankles and hands almost gone. I don't know what to think....did Allison have a fast response to the prednisone, I think he has polyarticular,(he has been disagnosed with JRA but likely polyarticular) from reading your description over the month, it is evident to me that he did not at any point have high fevers, just low grade. Thank you so much for doing this blog. It makes a world of difference knowing there is a family so close by dealing with this.

AlekonaB said...

Jan, I tried to send you and email by clicking on your name but it didn't send me anywhere. I would love to talk to you and share information. There are other pediatric rheumatologist in Portland and I think it is very important that your son sees one that specializes in pediatrics. Here is my email to contact me. I will also post it on the blog incase you do not look at these comments. I am sorry you are going through this but know you are not alone.