Monday, May 12, 2008

Arthritis Walk Saturday May 10th!

On Saturday we did the Arthritis Walk, it was lots of fun.  You could walk either one or  3 miles.  I only walked one mile because I started to feel sore a little bit.  They had a bouncer toy there where you had to climb up the rope, jump down into the center then you crawl over a big blow up tube, go throw a tunnel and then be done.  It was fun.  I did it a lot of times.  One time when I was jumping down in to the center I fell on my arm.  I told Kenzie Smith but I thought it was nothing because it didn't really hurt.  That night it became swollen and started to really hurt.  

I had fifteen people on Team Lightning.  Their names were; Kenzie & Grady Smith, Steph and Kathleen Meldrum, Kellie Weld, my Grandma & Grandpa Lane, Steve, Kathy and Jordan Lane, my Mom & Dad, Mitch, Jacob and Me!  Our team has raised $1,330.00 for the Arthritis Foundation.  We are in Second place for the most money.  The Arthritis people said they will give us until the end of the month to keep raising money so people who want to can keep giving money.  Because our team did so well we all got t-shirts.  Normally, you only get a t-shirt if you raise $100 but they gave all of our team members a t-shirt.  

After the Arthritis walk we went over and rode on the Carousel because it was right next to it.  It was lots of fun.  I rode on a horse named Nugget which is the name of one of my Grandpa's horses at his home.  Then we went and played on the playground right next to the Carousel.  Jacob and my cousin Kathleen were being very crazy.  They were acting like Zombies and chasing us.   

For decoration they had lots of balloons hooked together at the Arthritis Walk. Mitch and Grady took them at the end but when we went on the Carousel they had to leave it outside and some one took it.  

After all that we went out to eat at Novak's for Mother's Day.  Then we all went home and played the Wii and did stuff.  At 7:00 we got Chocolate Boxes at Novak's and brought them back to our house.  They were delicious.  

Thanks to everybody who donated money to my team for the Arthritis Walk.  


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beachbirdie said...

Sounds like you had a great and fun day! Congratulations on your fundraising.