Monday, May 5, 2008

Sunny Weekend

Hello All!!
Allison had a great weekend.  She felt good on Saturday and was out helping to work in the yard ( even running the edger) for a little bit in the morning.  Then her friend Kenzie came over and the two of them retreated into the house to play the Wii while the rest of us and part of the Smith Clan worked on our yard.  Allison was up and about until evening and then started running the fever.  
On Sunday we headed to Portland for a JRA Meeting.  Families met and the kids took a hike and did arts & crafts while parents listened to a Pediatric Rheumatologist speak.  It was informative for us and fun for the kids.  We were able to meet several families who daughters have Systemic JRA like Allison.  One family whose daughter has been ill a year and she is 7 years old.  The other girl was diagnosed when she was ten and now she is nineteen and a freshman in college.  It was a great opportunity to connect with others.  Allison didn't run a fever all day or evening on Sunday.  She was pepped up and ready to go to school on Monday starting at the beginning of the day and going for a whole day. (our big goal lately- full day at school) 
When Monday arrived, Allison woke with a fever and battled one all day.  I think she used up too much energy on the weekend and stole some from Monday that she had to repay today.  :(   Hopefully, tomorrow she will feel better and make it to school in the morning.  

Wii Update:  The family is getting lots of use out of the new Wii and getting to practice conflict resolution as well. Only a few arguments over whose turn it is and what game to play.   It is fun to see Allison beat Mitch at boxing.  :) Allison is also awesome at bowling.  

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