Thursday, May 1, 2008


Yesterday I got a Wii and games from the Albany Fire Department.  When they came by to give it to me I was very surprised.  I never thought someone would give me a Wii for a present.  I had been feeling bad all day and after that I felt much better.  I played for a long time, but then I had to stop because my arm started to hurt.  Mitch wants to play all the time, he even wanted to skip hockey last night and stay home and play it all night.  But my parents didn't let him.  

Today I am going to the pain doctor in Portland who I will see to help me with my pain.  What is great about her is she doesn't do needles so no shots and no blood tests!!!!!  :)  My appointment is at 2:00 so we will be leaving home at about 11:30.  Jacob is staying at my Aunt Steph's house in Portland so we will just drop him off and then go to the doctor's at Dornbecher's hospital.  

Today we are going to ride the tram.  I rode on once before with my Aunt Steph.  It was very fun.  What we are going to do, is ride on it from hospital down because that is a free ride.  But then we will have to pay to get back up to our car. 

On May 10th, my family and some family and friends are doing an Arthritis Walk in Salem.  We have to make a team with 10 or more people.  Since I have JRA I get to be the team captain.  Which is very cool.  Our team name is Team Lightning.  Each member has to raise a $100 or more to get the free t-shirt and prizes.  If you don't it is OK, you can still participate.  My team goal is to raise $1000.00.  So far we have about $280.00.  Thank you everyone who has been donating money, it has really helped us raise money for the Arthritis Foundation.  



Aunt Steph said...

Good to see you yeaterday. Jacob made a picture for you but he left it at our house. I will give it to you the next time I see you ...which will be at the JRA race. Can't wait to challenge you to a boxing match on the new Wii. Get ready to put up your dukes, lady!

Alicia & Cierra said...

Hi...We were up there too, sorry we missed you! If you go in the building at the bottom of the tram and show them anything from your appointment at the main desk they will give you free passes for patients and family members. It looks like a gym/spa but it is part of OHSU!

Hope they get you pain free soon!! - Alicia

Kristi Erickson said...

Hey Allison! Just wanted you to know that I'm praying for you!!!!