Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Ups & Downs & Birthday

Hello Everyone!!
Allison made it 4 full days of school last week.  Big celebration!!!!  She was feeling poorly on Friday but toughed it out and made it the whole day.  Seems like her medication methotrexate wears off and by Friday she is needing another dose.  She had her 2nd full dose that night.  Saturday during the day she felt pretty good but by 4 in the afternoon she started running a temp and having pain.  
Now comes the "Downs" she felt terrible on Sunday, Monday and today.  She has the "yucks" from the methotrexate, is running the high fevers again, and is experiencing more pain in the joints. It really appears she is doing worse again.  
Monday was her 10th birthday.  We were all hoping and praying for Allison to have a good day, sadly  that didn't happen.  She opened gifts,  tried a little ice cream cake, and missed dinner at her favorite place.  She had been wanting fries from Red Robin, but just wasn't up to it.  She was back up to 103 for a temp.  and in a lot of pain all over her body. Bummed us all out.  

She is missing school again today.  No fever but the "yucks" are still just as strong.  She is achy and in pain.  We are hoping to turn a corner this evening, but you just never know what is ahead.  We talked with our Pediatric Rheumatologist today and he is having us spread out her methotrexate dose so that she will be getting some Friday and then the rest on Tuesday.  Hoping this might help ease up the "Yucks."  He feels she is having a flare up.  He explained that it is like the waves of the ocean.  Seems like we are currently in rough seas.  Hopefully we can get to some calmer waters soon.  :)

I thought you might be wondering what are the "Yucks."  It is the feeling you have usually for a few days following the taking of methotrexate.  It is hard for Allison to describe, (for most jra kids it is hard to describe) she just feels yucky inside and out, and all over.  She told me the other day she now understands what the doctor meant when she said she would feel puny or yucky.  I think it is one of those things you can't understand unless you are the one taking the medication.  Well, I wanted to update every one.  Thanks so much for reading and caring about Allison.  We all appreciate your love, prayers, care and support.  Hopefully Allison will feel like making an entry soon.  
Leslie "The Mom"


Kristi Erickson said...

Hi Allison! Sorry you're not feeling well!!!! I'm still praying for you!!!!

Tammy Z said...

I'm so sorry that Allison is having such a challenging time. My prayer would be that she will soon feel relief from pain instead of the "yucks" that she experiences with the Methotrexate.

~ Tammy Zeigler

Tammy Z said...

Leslie---Just wanted to let you know that I added a link to Anna's JRA Journey blog. Thanks for letting me know about Allison's blog. Sorry it's taken me so long to add it (I lost about six weeks of "normal, active life" to the flu, a sprained ankle, and a hectic schedule . . . life is crazy right now!).

~ Tammy

Elizabeth Anderson said...

I'm sorry to hear your birthday wasn't a good day... That's the one day a year you're supposed to feel like a princess! Keep your chin up, tell those yucks to go away, and know that you are thought of often and fondly.

Anonymous said...

i hope you feel better on tuesday. sorry i couldnt make it on those days i wasnt feeling good cydnee

Anonymous said...

We're sorry that you didn't feel well on your special birthday. Hope you are feeling better by now and will be able to go back to school to finish for the year. Sorry we haven't written sooner - things have been hectic with planning Navy Seabee Reunion in Missouri, Carl's surgery, Scott's surgery, Sheriff campaign,etc. Even though we have written we have checked your site out often to see how you are doing. Take care and hope you get to feeling a little bit better! Love Aunt Sally & Uncle Carl

flying pigs said...

Hi all, I finally got an "identity" for blogging. We are "flying pigs" so you'll know who we are next time we write.

Received your note and was very pleased to hear that everybody liked their "goodies".

Hope you get over your "yucks" quickly.

Take care and will be watching for more updates on your site.

Aunt Sally oops I mean Great Aunt Sally!!!!

Florence said...

I hope you are feeling better this week. We are sending our love and prayers to you for strength.
Love, Larry and Florence