Friday, September 5, 2008

Beach Trip

For the Labor Day weekend we went to the Oregon Beach with our friends the Smiths.  We rented a house for three nights.  The weather was sunny for the most part and beautiful which allowed us to spend a lot of our time relaxing and playing on the beach.  It was a nice end to summer before jumping back into the school schedule.  Below are a few pictures and we will add a few more to another post

Here is the view from the house we stayed in at the coast.  Just cross this little road and we were on the beach.  Easy access for us to spend lots of time at the beach while there. 
Here is a picture of the Smith and Bradner Kids.  Enjoying some rare sunshine at the Oregon Coast. 
John getting the campfire going and Kenzie relaxing on the beach.

**Oh, before leaving on Friday night we were delayed a bit because Jacob was attacked by a bee.  One angry bee stung him three times.  Once on the stomach, under his arm and then the worst was on his little ankle that swelled up huge.  The stinger and part of the bee was still in Jacob's ankle and we had to remove it.  Always a fun at the Bradner's house.  :)

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