Friday, September 5, 2008

First Day of School

Allison started school on Tuesday September 2nd.  She is in fifth grade this year and was very excited to start school. 
Here you can see the huge backpack full of "essentials" she had to tote to school the first day.  How kids lug around those heavy backpacks I just don't know.  Cute polka-dots.
Mitch got an extra day off this year since he is a Sophmore this year.  So he didn't start until Wednesday.  He loved that.  
I think his backpack is actually smaller than Allison's for the first day of school.  That won't last long.  
What good lookin' kids.  I was lucky to get these outside the house.  They won't let me take pictures in the classrooms on the first day of school any longer.  Growing older.  

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