Monday, January 19, 2009

It has been 1 Year!!!!

Today is the one year anniversary of when Allison started running the fever and getting ill with Systemic Juvenile Rheumatoid Arthritis (JRA).  Seems crazy that a year has already past by but then I think back to when she was first sick and it seems like so many things have happened since then.  One year ago it was a beautiful sunny winter weekend too.  We all remember working out in the yard and Allison not feeling well on Saturday so she stayed inside and rested on the couch.  This Saturday we found ourselves outside working in the yard and Allison was inside doing something.  John quickly stopped and went in and brought her outside.  We didn't want to create the same situation as a year ago.  :) (funny aren't we)  Well, we all worked outside and enjoyed the sunshine this year and no issues.  

Allison looks and feels great.  We are all glad the past year is behind us and ready to move forward.  I do have to say among all the stress, anxiety, fear and emotional upheaval there were so many rays of sunshine that people brought into Allison and into all of our lives, things we will all treasure for a life time.  It is these things that made our lives happier even on the worst and scariest days.  
 *Friends and family sending countless cards, emails, gifts, prayers and well wishes. 
 *People dropping by to visit after being stuck in the house for days on end.  
 *Our Valentine's Day to remember thanks to our family at the fire department.  
   (No other Valentine's Day could ever compare to the all day visits and constant gifts. ) 
 *So many meals brought to us by our church family and friends.
 *Allison's introduction to the world of Webkins: Thanks Andersons & Wootens!! 
 *Allison's Sunday School class visiting with gifts, well wishes and prayers.  
 *Discovery the world of blogging!  :)
 *Oh, and the Wooten family introduced Allison to the book Peter and the Starcatchers and she became hooked. I read it to her daily especially when she was in pain.  We ended up reading      the other two because she liked them so much.  Go read them if you haven't.  They are Great!
 *My discovery of the online support board for moms whose kids have jra.  I couldn't have made it through especially those initial months without there support and guidance.  
  * The wonderful quilt that Mrs. Bailey's fifth graders last year made for Allison with such love and caring.  What a treasure. 
  * The fire department surprising Allison just before her birthday with a Wii, so many games, and accessories.  What a surprise and great idea to get her up and moving her muscles.   Boxing made her arms sore but she says it was so much fun.
  *Being able to go to the family JRA camp in Washington.  
  *Taking the trip to Disneyland and the national jra convention.  What a great opportunity for our whole family.  An adventure we will always remember and treasure. 

Again, we want to thank all of you who have come around our family in this past year to support and care for us.  We are hoping and praying the worst is behind Allison.  We will continue to update as things happen or don't. :)

Blessings to all of you,
The Bradner Family 

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Anonymous said...

Wow it's amazing how much can transpire in a year!! look great!!