Thursday, January 29, 2009

Sad day for the Bradner Family

Hello All:  This is our cat Lucky who has been with us for almost 10 years.  We are sad to share that yesterday we had to have her put to sleep.  We had taken her to vet earlier this month and she was diagnosed with kidney failure.  We changed her diet and gave her meds. to try and help.  She perked up for awhile and seemed to improve. But over the last few days she stopped eating and drinking and would howl pitifully.  Unfortunately, we knew it was time and did not want her to suffer.  

Lucky adopted us in Feb. of '99.  I had just had gallbladder surgery and was laid up. Allison was a little baby and John and Mitch noticed her outside around the house.  I told them, "Do not feed her or she will stay!" (not really wanting a cat right then) Well, they fed her and by the time I was up and around she was ours.  Lucky was a great hunter and always kept the mice at bay.  She was self-sufficient and would be happy roaming outside and then coming inside to snuggle.  As Allison became a toddler she would call Lucky, "My Kee-Kee Baby." Which was a nickname that stuck with her. Lucky easily moved with us from our house on Laura Lane to our present house and quickly established her authority in the neighborhood with all the other cats.  Even though she was a petite  she was strong and the other cats did not mess with her.  

She will be greatly missed for her hunting abilities, cuddling and love she shared with us for so long. 

*** Above is a favorite picture of her cuddling in a basket.

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beachbirdie said...

I am so sorry for the loss of your precious Lucky. Losing a dear pet is so hard!

We had a cat, Romeo, who was with us from the time he was a kitten until he was 21 years old. He joined us just before our third child was born, so two of the kids never knew a time without him! He used to follow them around the hills where we used to live, just like a dog would.

Romeo also had kidney failure, and we lost him about a year ago. I only share all this because I really know how much a pet like Lucky will be missed.

{{{hugs}}} to you all!