Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Good and the Bad

Allison had a great day on Easter.  She was able to go to church for the first time and then over to her Grandparents in Sweet Home for "linner" (as she calls it) and an Easter Egg hunt.  The weather wasn't great but in between rain showers the kids were able to hunt eggs.  Allison was thrilled that she was able to collect the most eggs and as a result the most money.  I think her slow and methodical approach paid off.  Mitch and her cousin Kellie were fast but they were busy running frantically over trees, each other, and missed many egg finding opportunities.  It was great to see Allison out having fun with everyone.  

As a result of the fun on Easter, Monday was a hard day on Allison.  She was on the couch most of the day in pain, tired and just uncomfortable.  She didn't eat much so that seems to make it harder on her body too.  

Today she has perked up.  She spent a lot of time this morning playing in her room and up and about.  Then this afternoon John, Jacob, Allison and I went swimming at the community pool. Jacob and Allison had a great time going down the slide, playing and splashing.  Allison swam and just did "normal" kid things in the pool.  So fun to see her just laugh and play with Jacob without pain.  Now we are worried about what tonight and tomorrow will bring for Allison since she was so active today.  

One of the hardest parts about this disease is that there is no gauge.  She can have a great day and be active and playing and then that evening or the next day she seems to pay with pain, exhaustion and spiking fevers.  But we don't want to limit what she can do and right now we have no way of knowing what is too much for her.  Doctors and research says to keep JRA kids active as close to normal as possible, but it is difficult when they seem to suffer afterwards.  So we plug along trying the best we can.  Where is that rule book anyway????  

Thanks for your thoughts and prayers we do appreciate them.

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