Friday, March 28, 2008

Favorite Pictures

Halloween: Jacob, Allison & Kathleen (cousin)
Jacob & Banzai at the park
Brothers: Mitch & Jacob
Mitch, Grady, Nicole, Kellie & Me jumping off!
Me at McDowell Creek Park


Anonymous said...

Hi Allison -
My name is Kay - I work at the fire department in the same office as your Dad .... I just wanted to say thank you for writing these blogs and posting the pictures - You and your family have been in my prayers each day and I enjoy keeping up with you !
It sounds like swimming was alot of fun .....What good excerise !
Your dog is cute !! I really like dogs, I have 2 of my own - they are boxers named Boo and Bently -
I hope that you have a great weekend .......I will look forward to your next entry - Take care, Kay

Anonymous said...

Hey Alekona---Sounds like you're getting more and more active. That has to be a good thing. I hear you though...sitting in the same place (at the theater) can be a bad thing...even for us OLDIES!!
I like the pool picture you posted.
I think I would have liked the iceburg at the community pool, too. You are are loved ... you are special ... and you are prayed for.
Keep your brothers in line!!!!

AlekonaB said...

hey allison your blog is awsome i hope you will keep writing more.