Wednesday, March 5, 2008


Many people have questions about what Allison is going through so we will try to answer some of them through this blog a few at a time. If you have questions you would like her to answer let us know. 
  1. What is JRA?  short for juvenile rheumatoid arthritis
  2. Is JRA catchy or is Allison contagious?  NO! You can not catch JRA from someone else.
  3. When she has a fever is she contagious? NO! 
  4. How does Allison feel?  That changes day to day and hour by hour.  When Allison doesn't have a fever she feels ok.  She gets up, moves around, can go for short trips out.  When her fever starts she is in pain and feels miserable. 
  5. How long do her fevers last?  Allison has a fever everyday.  They usually last 5-6 hours but can last longer.  Right now they are starting in the late afternoon or early evening and last until late at night.  Allison gets to stay up late...... but it isn't much fun.
  6. Does Allison take medicine? Right now Allison is taking high doses of Aleve twice a day.  She sometimes takes Tylenol with Codine for pain if she is really hurting. 
  7. Is Allison going to school?  Allison is not able to go to school right now.  We are hoping in the next few weeks that she will be able to try and go to school for a few hours on days that she is able.  If she is very tired, in pain or running a fever it is just too difficult.  
  8. What is Alekonab?  Alekona is Allison in Hawaiian and the "b" is for her last name. 

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