Thursday, March 13, 2008

My Trip to the Doctor

The best thing about going to the doctor is I didn't have to get a blood test or a shot!!!!  We all thought I was probably going to get a blood test since I haven't had one in over a month.  If I would have gotten one it would have been my 4th one since I have got JRA.  What is funny is that when I was little I by mistake got two chicken pox shots and the doctor yesterday told us that now kids are starting to need 2 chicken pox shots.  So I got ahead start on everyone else. The doctor said if I don't start to eat more and stop losing weight he will have to put me on medication to help me want to eat more food. He did some excercises with my joints and muscles so last night my ankle started to really, really hurt.  I thought it was broken it hurt so much.  It still hurts today but is getting better.  Last night I had a really bad rash on my stomach.  It looked like chicken pox but they were all together.  We will try to put a picture up later of the rash.  

We went to lunch after the doctor's and threw peanut shells on the ground.  Mom and Dad got weird hamburgers with pineapple slices and teriyake hamburgers they were real sloppy. I had just a plain old hamburger with fries and a cookie.  

We went to my Aunt Steph's house to pick up Jacob.  We left him there so he wouldn't have to go to the doctors with us. I got to play with my cousin Kathleen and Jacob for awhile.  But then they kept getting mad at each other and then they would get mad at me and it was hard to play with them.  Also, because I had gum they were attacking me for the gum.  (dun, dun, dun)

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Anonymous said...

Hi Allisom,

I am so GLAD you did not have to get a blood test or a shot!!!!! That must have been great news and at least you don't have to get another chicken pox one either.

I think that restaurant is so weird they have great food but I have the hardest time throwing the shells on the floor.

So how is the eating thing going? I don't think the gum that Jacob and Kathleen attacked you for has many calories = )

Think about you often and send good thought and prayers your direction


Larry said...

Hey Allison,
Just a note to say I'm glad you sound so positive about what you are going through. It was also good to see you the other day.

I'm so glad you could stay clear of those needles.

I love throwing the peanut shells on the floor at that restaurant.

Say Hi to your brothers and your Mom and Dad for me.

Larry Allen

Anonymous said...

Hi Alikona.
Glad to hear you didn't have to do the "shot" thing. I've learned to not hate blood tests (I almost did not want to get married becuz, in the "old dayz" ya hadta have a blood test to get married!!). Now, I even give at the Red Cross blood drives. Maybe it starts to hurt less when you get old!!

Shots! Now, THAT's another thing. I think it's easier to get blood OUT than to PUT STUFF in!
But, I try to tell myself shots are a good thing if I need one.

Don't knock the terriyUKI burgers. That's my favorite, too. u'r right tho...way too sloppy! And, like Larry said, WHERE ELSE can you get away with just throwin' stuff on the floor? Not at MY MOM's house!!!!

Thanks for keeping us all up to date.

You are loved!!
darrell & Lynn

Anonymous said...

Miss Allison,
So glad to hear you didn't need any shots! Those really aren't fun are they? Keep up all the good work of keeping us informed, and know that we're thinking of you everyday. Keep smiling that beautiful smile,
Elizabeth and Gabe