Friday, March 28, 2008

Spring Break

On Easter we went up to my Grandma & Grandpa's house to hunt for eggs.  Me and my cousin Kellie were the only ones who got the two big eggs.  They were filled with a dollar bill and some cents.  We had linner there too, I loved the ham!  

Tuesday me, my mom, Jacob and my dad went swimming at the community pool.  It was really fun.  Jacob kept going down the slide...he must of loved it.  In the middle of swimming they brought out a huge iceberg and put it in the middle of the pool in the deep end.  They let kids climb up the side and slide down the front.  I was going to try it but didn't because it looked too hard to climb up.  

Wednesday I went back to the community pool but his time I went with Kenzie, Mayzie, my dad and Jacob.  We saw Kenzie's friend there and she was with one of my friends from school, Destinee.  We went in the hot tub.  I was burning hot!!! Jacob loved it.  That night we were going to go to Izzy's with Kenzie, Mayzie and Kristi but we ended up going to KFC instead.  

Thursday we went shopping at Target and saw the Smith girls.  That night we went to Spice & Ice and had dinner and ice cream.  

Mitch went to his friend Grady's on Monday night, came home Tuesday.  He went to my Aunt Steph's house Wednesday night and is coming home tonight.  He has been very busy... lucky him.

The swimming felt really good.  If I was hurting before I got in the pool once I got in it all went away.  But afterwards I would hurt really really bad.. so much I could hardly move. But it was worth it.

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It sounds like you are having a very active and fun spring break!! I am so happy for you. Do you think you might go to school on Monday? Keep up all the great activity!!