Thursday, April 10, 2008

Bad Week/Good Week

On Monday I went swimming with my class but right afterwards I had a fever.  Now everyday I have been getting two fevers a day which is not fun.  Mitch has also been home sick since Tuesday.  Wednesday the Cable Man came and we got cable!!!!!!!!  Hurray!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  Now we have lots of stuff to watch except sometimes we can't find any good shows to watch. 

I haven't gone to school at all this week but hopefully I will be able to go next week.  I was working a lot on school work and loving it.  I have now had to take a break because my wrists have started hurt and my fingers aren't moving so well.  Now I am taking a break to see if all the writing might be why my wrists are hurting so much.  

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Jacob's Mom said...

You are one very strong little girl! You keep your chin up and you can get through anything! I share stories with your mom on the arthritis support board. My son is nine and is fighting arthritis too. You kids are so brave! I hope things will get easier for you soon.