Friday, April 4, 2008

No School for Friday

Hello All!  Allison has had a great week getting back to school.  Unfortunately, she woke with a fever this morning and the rash, that was gone, is back and furious.  She is in quite a bit of pain too.  So, she definitely will not be swimming this morning and probably will not make it for school this afternoon.  :(   The rain has come in and it is pouring this morning after a week of beautiful spring weather.  Just makes me wonder if it could have something to do with how Allison is feeling today.  I will have to make note in her ever increasing log that we keep of her daily health.  This is day 77 (11 weeks) of daily health notes....we are filling up that 3 ring binder. 

It has been nice this week to see Allison getting back to normal activities.  Jacob has enjoyed having some alone time with me again in the afternoons.  The first afternoon he nearly talked my ears off.  I think he barely took a breath.  Probably making up for lost time ..... the boy does know how to talk.  

Hope you all have a great weekend !! We appreciate your thoughts and prayers.   

Leslie "The Mom"

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Nancy said...

Allison, just want you to keep knowing you are always in our thoughts and prayers. I love the pictures on this blog! I'm glad you've been able to be back at school a lot and even go swimming.
Just ask your mom about my great swimming abilities.

Nancy in Alabama