Wednesday, April 9, 2008


Hello All!!
Allison has been wanting to get on here and share about our adventures over the weekend and some pictures but she is having a hard week. She is running morning fevers again which has stopped her from being able to go swimming with her class in the morning and to school in the afternoon. She is also in a great deal of pain. It seems to be mostly in her wrists and knees, but when the fever is going she is hurting all over. She isn't able to write or type without considerable pain. Yesterday and now today she is also doing the double fever. She has a morning fever and then in the afternoon just about as it gets back to normal it starts to go up again and goes higher. Not fun for her at all.

We did get cable today so Allison and the boys are thrilled. Real tv and it isn't fuzzy, and snowy. We are all excited to watch American Idol tonight and have the picture be clear.

If she is up to it hopefully we will post pictures tomorrow and she can dictate and I will type her blog. Hope all is well for all of you. I just wanted to give everyone a update since Allison isn't feeling much like posting.

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