Friday, April 11, 2008


I thought I would take a minute and answer some questions that we have been getting from people.  
1.  Does Allison do the typing on her blogs?
The blog entries done by Allison are sometimes typed by her.  If her hands, wrists, fingers are hurting her (like lately) I will type what she dictates to me. 

2.  When does Allison go back to the doctor?
She has an appointment May 8th with Dr. Borzy at OHSU he is the Pediatric Rheumatologist that she is seeing.  

On May 1st Allison has an appointment at OHSU with a doctor who specializes in pediatric pain management for kids with chronic pain and illnesses. 

3.  When will she go back to school full time?
We have no idea.  Allison made great progress getting back to school and this week has suffered a set back.  When she is running fevers she just can't make it to school or off the couch.  We are hoping she will be able to get back to school next week.  

4.  Is Allison still losing weight?
Allison goes up and down.  She will sometimes go a day or so without eating much especially if she is feeling badly but then she will eat and stock up and she seems to bounce back.  As long as she can keep bouncing back up we are not getting to concerned if she goes down.

5.  Is Allison on a lot of medication?
Right now Allison only takes Aleve twice a day, a vitamin and then regular tylenol if she is having a lot of pain.

6.  How do you make plans?
We don't! No, we make "kinda plans."  We live a lot more day to day now.  If Allison is feeling well we do things, but then we are ready at a moments notice to have to change or adapt plans if she begins to hurt or a fever strikes.  We also take things a lot slower.  Allison's energy level is a lot less so we have to be aware of what she is doing and how much energy she is using.  

7.  Does the weather effect Allison?
Honestly, we aren't sure.  We have started to be more aware of the weather changes and how she is feeling but we have yet to really establish that she is worse in wet rainy weather and better in warm and sunny.  That is something I am sure we will learn as time goes on.  

8.  Can we share Allison's blog with others?
Sure! If you know someone who would like to read her blog or know more information about her feel free to share her blog site or post it. 

9.  What can we do to help Allison?
She loves cards and mail. We also greatly appreciate your prayers.  We know God can  heal Allison and it is through our prayers and prayers of others that this can happen. We gain strength every step of the way knowing people are thinking of Allison and praying for her health and well-being. 

If you have other questions for Allison or us, let us know and we will happily answer them on the blog.  Thanks to all of you that regularly check in on Allison and how she is doing. 

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