Tuesday, April 15, 2008


My hands have been very sore the last couple weeks.A couple nights ago my left hand got really swollen it still is.Last night my right hand started to swell up too.Now the swelling on the right hand is going down but its still pretty puffy on the left.My fingers are pretty stiff too.Its kinda hard for me to write or hold a book but since i love reading so much i try to hold the book anyway

Since my hands are swelling up my docters oppiontment is going to be a little earler.On may first i am going to see someone about how to deal with the pain.Aspen from church is going to have surgery soon and my mom said she isn't even scared.If i were her i would be very very scared.My birthday is coming up soon it is on may 19th. i can't wait i will be ten years old.
thanks for reading


Anonymous said...

Hi Allison,

I'm sorry about your hands being sore. Do you think you could get Jacob to turn the pages for you when you read??? = )
Little brothers can be pretty helpful sometimes. I'm glad you get to see the doctor earlier I bet that will help.
You know 10th birthday's are a big deal you will have finally entered "double digets" and that's pretty exciting. May 19th isn't very far away. I think about you often!!!


Audrey said...

Hi Allison! I'm a friend of Florence's, and she gave me your blog address. I have this nifty contraption for reading books that holds the book open for you. Want it? It's just sitting in my closet, gathering dust. You still have to turn pages, but at least the book is held open (I used to use it to eat and read at the same time--two of my favorite activities.)

Let me know if you'd like it. I'm here in Albany so I can drop it off to you. Email: audie777@comcast.net