Thursday, April 3, 2008

Back to school

Monday my class started going swimming in the mornings so I have been going swimming with them since Monday.  After swimming me, my mom and Jacob go out and have lunch. Then afterwards I would go to school and stay for awhile.  Monday I stayed until 2:00 but Tuesday I stayed until the end of the day.  Yesterday I didn't go to school because my class had a field trip to Portland.  I wanted to go but I didn't feel good.  Last night I got a really high fever. I hadn't gotten really high fevers in a long time.  The fever was 103.8 I felt miserable.  My stomach was hurting a lot and it still is.  The light was bothering my eyes a lot we had to turn off all the lights in the house and dim the tv so we could hardly see American Idol.  

My dad is getting cable for us.  It will be very cool.  But I hope that I can still watch my two favorite shows: Alice and Reba.  

I'm in the green group for swimming which is the highest group.  



Anonymous said...

Hi Allison,
How frustrating to hardly see American Idol. How exciting to be going to school, that must make you feel good. It sounds like you are doing lots of activities and I'm excited to hear that you are back to school some. You keep up the great work and know that we are thinking about you lots!!


Anonymous said...

Hey Allison,
I have not actually seen you at school, but heard that you have been here. That is the best! I know that the swimming is a really good way for you to move around and get exercise. It must be good to be with your classmates too. I KNOW they have missed you, as well as Mrs. Cleaver. One of these days I will actually be very pleased to see you at school, and we can greet each other, just like we have for several years now. I miss you, Allison!
Hugs, Mrs. Bailey

Aunt Steph said...

Okay wait! I knew you liked Reba but you watch Alice too? You mean Alice with Flo and Mel and "kiss my grits"? That is hilarious! Okay girl, it is time for cable, fer real. But seriously, I am so happy that you have been able to go to school. Good for you! Kellie had a lacrosse game tonight-we were cold and drenched but she played really well. Come see us soon!

John & Leslie said...

Yeah! Can you believe she loves Alice?!! Actually more than Reba now. We are thinking it must have something to do with the one word women's name titled tv shows. Cable comes on Wednesday. Should open up a whole new world for her and us.