Sunday, June 15, 2008

Finally Pictures of the Quilt!!

Here are pictures of the quilt Mrs. Bailey's 5th grade class made for Allison.  We have promised the pictures for awhile now, sorry it has taken us so long to get them on the blog.  

Allison holding the quilt folded in half.  Each student made a square of the quilt and dyed the fabric in their square.  The colors are amazing.  

Here is Allison and Jacob holding up the backside of the quilt.  It has monkeys doing gymnastics.  Allison loves it.  She likes monkeys very much and loves to do gymnastics so it was the perfect combo.  The fabric is also a flannel so it makes it extra cozy.  At the top by Jacob's hand you will notice where Allison's name is sewed into the quilt.  We hadn't even noticed that until we were taking the pictures.  Very cool!!

Here is the quilt layed out and you can get an idea of all the wonderful colors and blocks the kids made.  The quilting is very detailed and beautiful.

                             It is kinda hard to see but here is the back and the crazy monkeys.

This quilt is so special to Allison and to our family.  It will be something she will treasure for a lifetime.  Thanks again to all the students who took the time and care to make this quilt for Allison.  You are all AWESOME kids!!!!

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Anonymous said...

I am glad you like it. I am one of the kids from Mrs.Baileys class