Saturday, June 28, 2008

JRA Camp

Last weekend we went to the JRA camp.It was lots of fun.Every family got their own cabin with a bed for the mom and dad and two bunk beds.At meals everyone would meet in the dining room and have their meal.They made really good food there was bacon,salad,bread,cake and lots of other stuff.The kids would be seperated into age groups.So we weren't together but it was okay.Each group got to do one really fun thing.My group got to go horseback riding.It was lots of fun.One night they had a hawaiian band play because the theme of the camp was Hawaii.The next night they had a talent show and a fashion show.Each group had to do something together for the talent show.I couldn't do it because i didn't feel good.So i sat with my mom and dad.Mitch's group did a really funny thing.They had one kid pretend to be a reporter with nothing to write about and lots of other people with jobs they couldn't do then they all got together and jumped off a fake bridge but the reporter pretended to but didn't then when all the other people jumped of the bridge the reporter said,''wow ten people jumping off a bridge what a great story''

They also had a bon fire.Everyone roasted marshmellows and told scary stories.It was really fun and yummy.Jacob made a friend that is about his age.They live in salem so their pretty close by.But it was funny Jacob just went up to the kid and said hi your my friend now and then they were friends.We had to leave but we defently will go back next year.

I'll have mom post some pictures from camp later. 

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Kim Mellen - Arthritis Foundatin - Oregon Branch said...


I am so happy you had a great time at the Arthritis Foundation's JRA camp. We are working hard to have a camp in Oregon next year so you don't have to drive so far. I will be looking to you and your family for great idea's. Have so much fun on your vacation, at the JA Confrence and tell Mickey hi for me! :) Kim