Tuesday, June 10, 2008

JRA Convention & Disneyland Trip

The national JRA conference is in Costa Mesa, California in July. We had considered attending months ago but then decided Allison's condition wasn't stable enough yet to go. Well, through a series of events we have been offered a scholarship to assist us in paying for the trip from our local Arthritis Foundation Organization. With the convention being so close to us and Allison's condition stablizing somewhat, this became an offer we couldn't refuse. A big plus for the whole family is the convention is very near Disneyland.

We have many concerns about Allison being able to handle the trip and travel so we have decided, as a family, to make the trip longer and to take our trailer. This will allow us the flexibility to go at a pace that Allison can tolerate, to stop when needed, and not be tied to airline tickets. It will also allow us to take with us many of the comforts from home that Allison needs. Allison will have to do Disneyland at a slower pace and take frequent breaks, but with making a careful plan, we think it can be a fun experience for all of us.

Keep us in your thoughts and prayers as we prepare for this trip that Allison will stay healthy and continue to improve. We will be putting more details on as the time gets closer.

Only 1 1/2 days left of school!!!!

Doctors Appointments:
I forgot to mention Allison has 3 doctors appt. now scheduled for this week.

1. Wednesday - she will see our regular doctor, David Irvine for blood work
2. Thursday - she will see the pain doctor in Portland
3. Friday - we will be seeing Dr. Kingsbury in Portland for a second opinion. He is the only other pediatric rheumatologist in Oregon. We are happy they are able to get Allison in so quickly.

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