Sunday, June 8, 2008

Mrs. Bailey's class surprise

Sorry to keep you waiting to learn about the surprise I got this last week. I kinda forgot about it and then in the evenings I haven't been feeling as well, but I did make it to school all five days this week.

Last Monday Mrs. Bailey's fifth grade class at my school gave me a surprise. They gave me a quilt that they made. Each student made a square on the quilt. They dyed the fabric different colors. It is very colorful, comfy and I love the monkeys that are on the flannel on the back of the quilt. The quilt is beautiful and I was so surprised. They made a book for me that had letter in it from each students. I really like the book and like to read the letters they wrote. On the front is a picture of their class holding the quilt.

Each year Mrs. Bailey's class makes a quilt and gives it to someone in our community. They decided this year to give it to me so it was very cool.

I know Mrs. Bailey's class checks my Blog so, I want to Thank them making the quilt for me and writing the letters. They are both very special to me. Thanks for the encouraging and nice things you wrote in the letters.

I will post a picture of the quilt and me tomorrow. I am not feeling great tonight. Friday, Saturday and tonight I have ran higher fevers again. I feel good during the day but feel bad at night.

Thanks for reading my Blog!

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Anonymous said...

Allison...5 days of school, how great is that...and what a great suprise from Mrs Baileys class. They must know how special you are!!! Sorry about not feeling well in the evenings. = (

Are you getting to school this week. Not many days left.
You're always in my thoughts