Saturday, June 28, 2008

Update on Allison

Allison has been on the Prednisone for two weeks as of Friday.  She started out with 60 mg a day and now we have tapered her down to 30 mg a day.  We will continue to slowly taper her down and hope that her body adjusts and holds it own.  She could have a flare as we taper down so we monitor how she is feeling closely and keep praying that all is well.  As we are tapering her down from the Prednisone we are increasing her Methotrexate.  

Allison continues to feel well and the fevers, joint pain, rash are gone.  She is doing most of the things she has always done.  She does tire easily and has to rest at times, but it is so much better than how she was doing.  Allison also has gained 8 pounds.  The Prednisone is definitely increasing her appetite.  We are going to work on that a bit and try focusing on making healthier food choices.  It is another mind set change for her, because for so long we let her eat anything just to get calories into her shrinking body.  Now, we have to try to slow it down but she is wanting to eat all the time from the Prednisone. 

We are all excited because we leave July 5th for vacation and Allison should do very well since she is feeling so good.  We  had all been very concerned about how she would handle it mentally and physically but now it should be fine.  Everyone is excited to go to Disneyland.  I am sure we will keep the blog up and update you as we travel as to our adventures.  

Lastly, we continue to be so greatful to our family and friends ( old and new) who reach out to us and to Allison with love, support and mostly prayers.  Thanks to all of you who touch our lives in so many ways.  We appreciate you so much.  
 "The Mom" 

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