Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Quick update

I thought I would do a quick update for Allison. The end of last week was rough for her. She felt well over the weekend and she has gone to school all three days so far this week!!!!! She is feeling good this week. She is very tired in the evenings and sore but doing great during the day. We are hoping that maybe the medication is finally kicking in and helping her.

Monday the fifth graders in Mrs. Bailey's class presented Allison with an amazing surprise. I can't tell what it is because she wants to write about it and post pictures. It definitely lifted all of our spirits.

She is feeling so good tonight her and I are going to West Albany's Graduation to see our dear friend Allie graduate from high school. We weren't sure Allison would make it but so far tonight she is feeling good and really wants to try so we will give it a shot. It is so nice to see her feeling good and doing "normal" life activities.

Well, gotta go and watch the hockey game (Stanley Cup: Pittsburg vs Detroit) for John. He is taking Mitch to his hockey game in Portland, and of course the games are the same night.

Watch for Allison to update soon to share her surprise with you.

"The Mom"

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Erika said...

Hi Leslie! Thank you so much for your email! I would love to talk to you more in email = i couldnt reply, it wouldnt put your address on there. so ping me at e3cox@hotmail

I hope to talk to you soon & so happy to connect w/ you!