Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Safety Camp

Last week i went to safety camp.It is a day camp that kids can go to have fun and learn safety.Kenzie Smith did it too she was in my group.Our group was the orange group.Mitch and Grady were two of our leaders.It went from Monday to Thursday.

Monday we played lots of games outside like tag or car lot.Then each group made their own picture in a square outside with chalk .My group won the prize for most chalk used.Well because we used up the whole square and made a monkey because our group name was the orange monkeys.We also learned about water safety, life jacket safety and another one i forgot witch one. Then we got to go swimming at the community pool.

Tuesday we did the same stuff exept we learned new safety stuff and we didn't do the chalk thing.

Wendsday we went on a field trip to OHSU to go rock climbing.It was lots of fun.We also went to the gym and played dodge ball,basketball and tennis.The wall I climbed on rock climbing was hard because it was really bumby so i only got up the wall a little bit.When we were done with that we got subway sandwiches they were really yummy.After that we went to otter beach to go swimming.I spent most the time in the whirl pool.It was fun.

Thursday we did the same stuff learned some safety tips.Did the firefighter challenge and the police challenge.Those were fun.Then at four we had the graduation.Each group had to do a skit about what we learned.My group did a skit on the police challenge.I thought we did really well.

That was my week at safety camp.I can't wait till next summer so I can do it again.

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It was so good to have you at Safety Camp. Your group and lots of really great kids in it!! I hope you enjoy your trip to Disneyland!!!