Thursday, July 3, 2008

Almost Disneyland

It is almost saturday and that means disneyland time.I can't wait it will be so exciting.I was thinking of saving my money to buy a ipod but then my aunts husband gave me his old one because he didn't want it no more.It holds more songs than Mitch's does.It can hold movies,music,t.v shows,games,music videos and photos.Now i have something fun to do on the way down there.I also have work from school that i never got to finish while i was gone so i made packets of the papers so i could work on them.My mom and dad are thinking of buying me a digatal camera so i can take pictures of disneyland.Cause last time when i went i didn't take much pictures and i was 5 so i don't remember.

My dad is bringing his laptop so i can write on my blog about what we are doing.I hope you all have a great summer.I know i will.

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