Thursday, July 10, 2008

Worst Fever Ever

Allison woke at 5am with a 105.6 fever. She wanted me to title this entry "Worst Fever Ever" because it is her highest recorded fever. She threw up at 8am and then again at 8:40 am. We have a call into Dr. Kingsbury and are waiting to hear from him. We aren't sure if this is because of a flare, tapering the prednisone or maybe a bug she has picked up somewhere.

We are in Pismo beach and were planning on leaving early this morning to head to our campsite in Anehiem. But now, we are waiting for things to settle down for Allison before hitting the road and hopefully hear from the doc. The conference starts this afternoon/evening with activities hopefully we will be able to make it there.

Your thoughts and prayers are greatly appreciated and we will keep you posted on how Allison is doing today.


beachbirdie said...

Allison, I'm praying for you to be better very soon.

Mrs. Beattie

Anonymous said...

Allison - I hope you feel better real soon. Have fun at the conference! This will be our first year missing in five years! You will have fun!

Caroline in Minnesota

Anonymous said...

What an adventure you are having...Allison I hope you are feeling better soon!!! Enjoy Disneyland and all the activities at the conference. I am going to pray the trip home goes a little smoother!


Cindy Price said...

I hope things clear up quickly for Allison. Such a high fever!! Does she have the rash? Marian always has the rash with the fever. Even if it is only a virus, you may find that it tweaks her arthritis. That is how it is for Marian. Prayers, Cindy

Erika said...

I hope she started feeling better later in the day & that you all got settled in Anaheim. I hope its not the bug we had or your brother had cuz that's not fun w/ the puking. I know you are going to have a blast @ the conference so I hope you are feeling well NOW :) so you can enjoy this adventure. That fever definitely sounds like the worst one EVAH! So I empathize & hope that health is on the up... and up.... and UP!

Thinking of you all!! When do you head to Disneyland, after the conference? Since you have your laptop, have you checked out

It will plan your trip to disneyland after you plug in the time you will get there, what you want to see & when you want to have a break - it mathematically calculates a road map for you. And it was AWESOME for us - we never waited in line, had a great itinerary to work from & were SPOILED by this plan made just for us!!! :) Take a gander!

Feel better soon! Best, Erika