Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Road Trip!

Yesterday we went on a hike through the woods and I got a lot of good pictures. Then we also went to a tree that people can drive their cars through, but we couldn't drive through because we have our trailer and our car was too big. The also had two tree houses right next to the big tree and we also went inside those. One of them had a second story. They were really cool! After that we went and drove down the coast. My mom and dad decided that we should drive until 8 and then look for a place to stay the night. When it got time to find a place to stay, we couldn't find one. After a while we found one but it was very crowded and we didn't know if we would stay. We had to drive by all of the trailers to see if there were any spots available. There we a couple of spots we could have stayed at, but the place was too crowded so we decided to find a new one. It was hard to leave because there were so many trailers and it was hard to turn around, so we had to unhitch the trailer and then we finally got out. We kept on looking for places to stay but we couldn't find one. We ended up spending the night on the side of the road. It wasn't that much fun, but it was free!

Today we woke up and drove for a little bit and then when we were driving by a beach we saw lots of sea lions and I got some good pictures. We got down to San Francisco and got to the Golden Gate bridge and were about to go across but decided to eat lunch first. While we were eating lunch, a park ranger drove by and we asked him where the best place was to get some pictures of the bridge and he told us that it probably wouldn't be smart to go into San Francisco with the trailer because of the traffic. So we ended up taking a different route and not going over the bridge and into San Francisco. But at least we got to see it. Then after a while we started to run out of gas so we went into a little town that was kind of scary, looking for gas. But when ever we found a gas station, they didn't have diesel so we had to look for a different one. It was really scary because we were almost out of gas and we were kind of lost. But then we finally found a gas station with diesel. Then we had to try to find our way back to hwy. 101. We then drove to about 7:30 and started to look for a place to camp. It was a little hard getting into the camp site with the trailer, but we made it work.

When we get home, I'll put some pictures on here of our trip. I can't wait until Disneyland. It's going to be lots of fun!


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