Sunday, July 6, 2008

Trip Delay

If you are checking in here thinking you want to see how our trip is going so far, I'm sorry, we haven't left yet. We are planning on updating the blog on our trip that was suppose to begin yesterday (Saturday).  Well, we ran into some issues.  I developed a UTI and spent 1/2 the day Saturday at Urgent Care and getting meds. and the rest of the day in bed.  Jacob has been running a fever for the last 6 days, we keep thinking it will go away, but it isn't.  Early thing morning he began to throw up.  He has thrown up twice now.  John is now at Urgent Care with him.  We are giving them some good business this weekend.  

Both Allison and Mitch are thinking we aren't even going to make it to Disneyland.  Our hope if things go well for Jacob is to leave later today or early Monday at the latest.  I'm not sure what it is with us and trips and getting sick.  They seem to go hand in hand.  At least this time we are sick before we leave the comforts of home.  

Luckily we also have allowed  extra time on the way down so that we could camp and take our time.  We don't have to be at the jra conference until Thursday so we are still doing OK.  

Your positive thoughts and prayers would be greatly appreciated.  Hopefully very soon, we will be hitting the road.  


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