Thursday, July 10, 2008

We Made It

We finilly made it.We are at disneyland.I am so happy but we can't go to disneyland and go on rides till the conference ends.Witch will be sunday so we will go to disneyland on either sunday or monday there for five days.My family is very happy that we made it.

I puked five times this morning it was really grose.My stomach still hurts a little but i don't think i will puke agian for a while.I have been craving mcdonalds the whole day and i havent eaten any thing all day except a couple ritz.

I can't believe we finilly made it.


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Leanna said...

Allison - I'm sooooo happy that you finally made it to the conference! You will have so much fun there and at Disneyland! Can't wait to read more about the good times and no more puking! xo,Leanna