Friday, July 11, 2008

The Conference

Today was the first day of the JRA conference.We have to check in at 8:45.They also give you breakfast from 7:30 to 8:45.Then we are seperated into age groups.I am in the ten year olds goup.We played lots of fun games like colors, would you rather, and truth or dare.I didn't play truth or dare because i don't like that game that much.We also did crafts.I made a lei and i colored a surf board.After that we got to go swimming but i couldn't because we didn't know we were going swimming so i didn't bring a swimsuit with me there i left it in the trailor.So i sat and watched them swim.It wasn't that fun.At twelve we met with our family to have lunch.My family didn't want to go all the back to the trailor so we went to red robin.It was really yummy.

After lunch we went back with our groups.First my group went and did yoga.It was kinda wierd but relaxing.Then we went ant played with some paint.We then did some more games and crafts.The teenagers who have JRA came and we asked them questions.One girl said she was diagnosed with JRA one year after she was diagnosed with cancer.I thought that that must be a lot to handle.At the end we got to go and see some little sea creatures.I got to touch a shark.And that was the day.Later that night we got to go to a place called Boomers.It is a place where we can play lots of fun games and go on a couple rides.It was lots of fun.



Florence said...

Thanks for letting us know what you are doing at the conference, I was curious. What to Jacob and Mitch get to do??
Looking forward to hearing more!
Love, Florence

Mitchell said...

This is Mitch literally seven years later. that conference was super boring for me and I still bring up how much I disliked my age group to this day.