Tuesday, July 8, 2008

The bear

Hi I forgot to say in my other post that we saw a bear at our camp site.It was a huge black bear.At this campsite peaple see lots of bears come and catch fish by the water.I wonder if we will see any more.Today we are going to be driving about 5 to 6 hours then stop and camp for a night.



Cindy Price said...

Pretty cool about the bear. I have always wanted to see one in the wild. I will follow your blog about the AJAO conference. Allison, my daughter has systemic JRA just like you. Have a good trip. Cindy

Amelia Stone said...

Amelia from Georgia...
Allison I know exactly how you feel. I came across your blog while searching about JRA nd gymnastics and how they mix. I was diagnosed 7 years ago this past June at 13 years old with Systemic JRA. I was an athlete growing up and then hit high school and stopped and now I want to go back to gymnastics at 19 years old. Ironically my older half sister was diagnosed the same month and same age with Polyarticular JRA she is almost 26 now and doing fine. I was a monkey like you growing up and my mom says I still am. My sister and i both had good years and bad ones. Her 12th grade year she was hospitalized with the flu and her JRA was bad but she still graduated.My 11th grade year I was hospitalzied with a severe UTI and missed off and on 2 months of school but I caught up and just recently graduated from high school in May.I found out about the conference and showed it to my mom and she and my sister said that is going to be our goal for next year is to attend.I hope that you never let your JRA get you down. I've learned to take it for the better that it can be managed it just takes extra work. We never know what the day will bring to us but we enjoy it for the best. I never have slowed down even after being diagnosed with JRA and I hope you never will either. I will follow your blog to see how your doing.